Our submitted plans

Since submitting a planning application earlier this year, Tellon Capital has continued to engage with residents, local stakeholders and Council officers. The project team has also presented the proposals to Watford Borough Council’s new Place Shaping Panel and was pleased to receive positive feedback and comments.

As a result of these discussions and the feedback received, a number of amendments to the submitted application have been submitted. These include:

  • Revising the shape and massing of the proposed development. This has involved the ‘stepping back’ of the hotel building wing in a more gradual approach, to reduce the impact on neighbouring residents on Canterbury Road. This has also involved slightly increasing the height of part of the Station Road frontage, away from the site’s neighbours.
  • Repositioning and enclosing of the bin storage away from the site boundary with neighbouring properties on Canterbury Road. This will result in a slight reduction in car parking spaces, but allows for an improved landscape buffer between our site and the bordering residential gardens. Additional planting is proposed along Westland Road, with new trees along Station Road to mitigate the loss of existing trees within tree pits that will be removed through demolition.
  • Slight changes to the design of the proposed development. This includes additional terracotta detailing and brick recesses on the elevation facing Canterbury Road and changes to the elevational treatment at low levels to respond to the residential character. A small number of additional windows will also help break up this frontage; these windows will be at low-traffic end of corridor locations to limit the potential for overlooking.